shipping ship‧ping [ˈʆɪpɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
1. TRANSPORT when goods are sent or delivered somewhere by ship, road, train, or air:

• the shipping of US wheat

• the cost of shipping across the Atlantic

ˌbulk ˈshipping TRANSPORT
the activity of moving goods in large quantities from one place to another, especially materials such as coal or grain:

• a global marine transportation company specializing in dry bulk shipping

2. ships considered as a group:

• The port is closed to all shipping.

ˌmerchant ˈshipping TRANSPORT
ships that carry goods or passengers, or the activity of carrying goods or passengers by ship:

• Merchant shipping is now becoming increasingly specialized.

* * *

shipping UK US /ˈʃɪpɪŋ/ noun [U] COMMERCE, TRANSPORT
the process or business of sending or transporting goods: »

There is a lot of competition in the shipping business these days.


He runs a big shipping company.


How much do we pay for shipping?


There's been a big increase in online shipping.

ships in general: »

The storms were a danger to all shipping along that coast.


The canal was closed to merchant shipping.


All shipping routes were closed.

See also BULK SHIPPING(Cf. ↑bulk shipping), DROP SHIPPING(Cf. ↑drop shipping)

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